Northern Ireland

Annalong drownings: Funerals for Kevin O'Hare and Colin Polland

Colin Polland and Kevin O'Hare - drowning victims
Image caption Colin Polland entered the water to try to rescue Kevin O'Hare after he got into difficulty

The funerals of a teenage boy and a man who drowned in County Down at the weekend are taking place.

Kevin O'Hare, 15, and 39-year-old Colin Polland died at a disused quarry in Annalong on Saturday evening.

Kevin got into difficulty, a friend ran for help and Mr Polland jumped into the water to try to rescue the teenager.

The two separate funerals were held in County Down within an hour of each other.

A funeral Mass was held at St Michael's Church, Dromara, at 12:00 BST on Wednesday for Kevin O'Hare.

Mr Polland's funeral took place at St Patrick's Church, Bryansford, at 13:00 BST.

Kevin was from Dromara, County Down, and Mr Polland was originally from Newcastle, County Down, but lived in England. It is understood he was home on holiday.

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