Northern Ireland

Boy, 13, arrested after second night of trouble in Londonderry

A 13-year-old boy was arrested after police came under attack by nationalist youths who threw stones and petrol bombs in Londonderry on Saturday night.

It happened in Westland Street in the Bogside area at about 17:40 BST.

A short time later there were reports of petrol bombs being thrown into the mainly loyalist Fountain estate at Bishop Street.

A number of petrol bombs were seized by officers. The teenager has been released on bail.

On Friday night police said about 25 petrol bombs were thrown during rioting in the same area.

The trouble broke out at about 19:30 BST with nationalist youths throwing stones in the area.

When police arrived, petrol bombs were thrown towards their vehicles and the Fountain estate.

Bins and rubbish were pulled onto Leckey Road flyover and set alight. About 40 youths were involved.

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