Northern Ireland

Carrickfergus bomb alert ends and roads reopen

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Media captionThe alert has been described as "absolutely despicable"

A security alert in Carrickfergus has ended after army bomb experts examined a suspicious object and said it was "nothing untoward".

It was found close to a shopping centre at Victoria Road on Thursday morning.

A number of houses were evacuated and residents of a nursing home were given breakfast in a room at the opposite end of the building from the site of the alert.

A woman whose father is in the Tamlaght home said the alert was "despicable".

"It is absolutely despicable that this situation has arisen especially as it is so close to a residence for the elderly," said Patricia Donald.

She said whoever was behind the alert showed "no respect for the elderly".

"It is hard enough for the staff to cope with the elderly without something like this on top of it," she said.

The Larne Road and Victoria Road are now open to traffic.