Northern Ireland

Police: Donagh security alert was 'an elaborate hoax'

A security alert in County Fermanagh has now ended.

Police say they believe the incident in Donagh village was "a deliberate hoax".

Roads were reopened after a suspicious object was examined by army bomb disposal officers.

Superintendent Simon Walls said those responsible had done nothing but "cause disruption to people in the area and waste the time of officers".

Supt Walls called for anyone with information to contact the police.

DUP assembly member Arlene Foster said it was the latest in a series of security alerts in Fermanagh.

She said those responsible were "unrepresentative and only serving to inconvenience hardworking people who want to get on with their lives".

They were also condemned by Sinn Fein MLA Sean Lynch.

"Whoever is leaving these devices, whether real or hoaxes, need to wise up," he said.

"They obviously haven't got the courage to tell the people why they are doing it and how it is going to advance a united Ireland in 2013."