Northern Ireland

Facebook told to remove flag protest pages

There was a protest in Carrickfergus
Image caption Protests about Belfast City Council's union flag decision have been taking place since the start of December

The Facebook website has been ordered to take down two pages used by those involved in updating information about street protests in Northern Ireland.

The dispute over the flying of the union flag over Belfast City Hall is now in its seventh week.

Some of the protests have been followed by rioting in which more than 100 police officers have been injured.

The ruling at Belfast High Court was made after threats were made against a Catholic man on the website.

A judge also ruled that the man's picture and details about him should be prevented from appearing on any other web pages controlled by Facebook.

The pages, however, remain live on the site.

Facebook itself has said that it has not received a court order relating to the judgement which was made late on Friday night, however that is disputed by the man's solicitor.

Protests have been ongoing since Belfast City Council voted on 3 December to restrict the flying of the union flag to designated days only.