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Sean Quinn Sr story set for silver screen

Sean Quinn
Image caption Sean Quinn was once the richest man in Ireland and the 12th richest in the UK

He was once Ireland's richest man before the dramatic demise of his empire.

Now the rise and fall of Fermanagh businessman Sean Quinn is set for the silver screen .

The incredible story of the former tycoon - who is now in jail - will be produced by James Mitchell, who has worked with the likes of Oscar winner Kevin Spacey.

Dublin-based Soho Moon Pictures has confirmed that a production is in the "very early stages of development".

However, they dismissed as "pure speculation" reports that either Spacey or Omagh-born actor Gerard McSorley are to play the leading role.

It is understood production could begin early next year.

Sean Quinn and his family have been embroiled in a high-profile legal battle with the IBRC.

Anglo Irish bank was nationalised in 2009 and its affairs were taken over by the IBRC.

The IBRC claims the Quinn family owes it more than two billion euros and is trying to recover the money from their assets.

Lawyers for the IBRC alleged that members of the Quinn family had tried to strip assets from their firms, putting property worth millions of pounds beyond the reach of the bank, in defiance of a court order.

In July, Dublin High Court ruled that Sean Quinn, his son Sean Quinn Jr and his nephew, Peter Darragh Quinn, were in contempt of that court order.


Sean Quinn Sr is now serving a nine-week prison sentence and his son has been released from Dublin's Mountjoy Prison after a three-month sentence.

Peter Darragh Quinn did not show up for sentencing in July and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

However, he has remained in Northern Ireland, outside the court's jurisdiction.

At the height of his success Sean Quinn Sr employed more than 8,000 people worldwide, but the majority of the jobs were based near his home, bringing much needed employment to the border counties of Fermanagh and Cavan.

His family firms were badly affected by the property market crash and Quinn Insurance was put into administration in April 2010.

Exactly a year later, Sean Quinn Sr lost control of his entire business empire when it passed into the hands of the IBRC.

In January 2012, the businessman was declared bankrupt in the Republic of Ireland.

Mr Quinn accused the IBRC of wrecking his company and pursuing a "vendetta" against him and his family.

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