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Irish woman Jill Meagher missing in Australia

A social network campaign has been launched to help find an Irish woman missing in Australia.

Jill Meagher, 29, was last seen leaving a bar in Melbourne at about 01:30 local time in the early hours of Saturday.

She works for ABC radio and had been out for the night with work colleagues.

A Facebook page was set up to raise awareness. Ms Meagher's husband, Thomas, said the public response had been huge.

The couple are originally from Ireland and moved to Australia three years ago.

Detective Sergeant Steve Bull of Victoria Police said she had left the bar and had intended to walk home a short distance away.

He added that Ms Meagher's disappearance was out of character.

"We have concerns for her safety. We are making an appeal to the public for anyone who might know Gillian's whereabouts or if Gillian sees us, if she could contact us and let us know she's alright," he said.

Detectives have been reviewing CCTV footage of the area in an attempt to trace her movements.

"We are still at a loss as to what might have happened to her," said Mr Bull.