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Radio Reunited: what is your message for the world?

BBC Radio is 90 years old. To celebrate, all the BBC Radio stations in the United Kingdom and many World Service outlets will come together for three minutes on Wednesday 14 November at 17:33 GMT - the time of the first BBC broadcast.

Image caption Radio Reunited: a worldwide celebration

Radio Reunited will be created by Blur front man Damon Albarn. It will consist of music composed by him, interwoven with messages sent by listeners from across the globe.

Radio Ulster presenter Seamus McKee reflects on the anniversary and invites young people to send their messages across the airwaves and out into the world.

When I started in broadcasting, people in Northern Ireland rarely spoke to each other live on air about anything but the most innocuous subjects.

I often wondered why.

Once street turmoil turned to violence, did they fear that retribution might follow for them and for their families if they went public with what they really thought?

In time, with skill and courage, broadcasters created space for a free and frank exchange of views.

There was even the odd row. Now phone-in shows are a staple of daily programming.

But there is a whole range of views largely missing from the debate.

If you are aged between 16 and 24, you may hardly ever listen to the news programmes I work on.

News you can get from the screen of your smart-phone. It is probably your taste in music that determines your choice of radio station.

If there is one person who should be taking part in Radio Reunited, it's you.

If you could talk to people listening to the radio 90 years from now, what would you say? What are your hopes for Northern Ireland? What would you like to stay the same? What would you rather we left behind?

What message do you think the world needs to hear in 2102? It is possible that medical science may keep you alive until then.

Wouldn't you like to find your advice had been heeded, your question answered, your hopes fulfilled?

And my message for future generations? In a changing Northern Ireland, it feels like we have been given another chance.

So don't patronise young people.

Educate them equally. If Planet Earth is still in one piece, listen to what they say about the environment. If world peace still has not broken out, enlist them in an army to eradicate hatred. Make them your second chance. That way, it will not be your last.