Northern Ireland

Attack on PSNI vehicle in west Belfast was 'attempt to kill police'

The police have said that a gun attack one of their vehicles in west Belfast was an attempt to kill officers.

A shot hit a PSNI vehicle on the Glen Road at about 04:00 BST on Friday, but the police have only just released details of the attack.

They said this was for investigative reasons. The shot caused minor damage to the vehicle.

PSNI Chief Superintendent George Clarke described it as a "potentially murderous attack".

He said: "This was a reckless and cowardly attempt to kill a police officer which also put the lives of the local community in danger and it is fortunate no-one was injured or worse.

"These people who carried out such a senseless attack show a total disregard for the safety of those living in this area.

"They will not prevent us from delivering a protective service and we will put in place any measures necessary to take a robust stance against those who are determined to disrupt and attack their own community," he added.

The police have appealed for anyone with information about the attack to contact them.