Northern Ireland

Ardoyne shots fired on Twelfth examined by PSNI

The PSNI is to study footage of the dissident republican gun attack on officers during rioting in north Belfast last week.

It shows the gunman firing towards police lines from within a crowd gathered at Brompton Park in Ardoyne.

After the last of 17 shots rings out, youths clap and cheer.

The 23-second clip, posted on YouTube on 13 July, shows the gunman crouching and moving backwards along a footpath as he opens fire.

Immediately after the murder bid, the PSNI said at least 10 shots were fired from an automatic weapon, but no-one was hit.

The PSNI said in a statement on Friday: "Police are aware of the footage.

"The footage will be examined and will form part of the ongoing investigation into shots being fired in the Ardoyne area on the evening of 12 July."

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