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Call for end to cheap drinks promotions after Joby Murphy death

Joby Murphy had been missing for about four weeks
Image caption Joby Murphy had been missing for about four weeks

Belfast City Council has backed a motion urging an end to cheap drinks promotions.

It follows the death of 20-year-old Joby Murphy whose body was recovered from the River Lagan at the weekend.

He had been missing for four weeks after going to a concert in Belfast's Odyssey in January.

Councillor Conor Maskey proposed the motion on Thursday night. He said it was poignant that it took place on the day of Joby's funeral.

"The minister responsible has already begun a series of discussions with all of the relevant bodies, including the licensees, " he said.

"The licenesees need to be central to this around what it is they're doing in terms of these promotions.

"So with a range of people who have responsibility, getting their heads around the issue, making sure that young people are safe when they are going in and out of licensed premises and part of that will have to be to tackle those issues of inappropriate and dangerous drinks promotions."

Joby had been at a Snow Patrol concert in the Odyssey on 25 January.

It is thought he later walked across the bridge at the Lagan Weir and fell in.

A search team from Cork helped to locate his body on Saturday morning.

The council also called for a review of safety precautions along the Lagan footbridge - uging the Social Development Minister to deal with the issue of a lack of adequate lifebelt provision.

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