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Karen McKevitt angry at how Irish portrayed on hats

image captionThe hat as seen on the Urban Outfitters website

Would you wear a baseball hat with an image of a man being sick on the pavement?

That is what the funky fashion and household store Urban Outfitters has put on a baseball cap it has launched in America for St Patrick's day.

The green and white hat has a man on the front, on his hands and knees being sick.

The slogan below reads, ''Irish Yoga'' and ''downward facing upchuck''.

SDLP MLA Karen McKevitt has called on the chief executive of the international clothing firm to remove the hat from his stores and online shop.

"I think it was reckless for Urban Outfitters to use this offensive image," she said.

"A lot of businesses rely on St Patrick's Day to generate some revenue but when we see big companies trying to make money like this we should not be standing for it.

"The chief executive of Urban Outfitters must apologise for this and remove this insulting product from the company's stores and online shop."

Ms McKevitt also encouraged the company to make a donation to Down, and Newry and Mourne Councils to help them organise St Patrick's Day events.

BBC has contacted Urban Outfitters but has so far not had a response.