Northern Ireland

Manus Deery's sister calls HET investigation 'whitewash'

The family of a Londonderry teenager shot dead by the Army 40 years ago have dismissed a report into his killing as a "whitewash".

Manus Deery was shot dead in the Bogside in 1972.

The Army maintain a soldier in a lookout post on Derry walls fired at what appeared to be a gunman about 200 metres away, missed, and that the ricochet fatally injured the teenager.

His family have always disputed the Army's version.

They have now also criticised the Historical Enquiries Team report into the teenager's death.

Mr Deery's sister Helen said she wanted the case re-opened.

"With the information which they were given it is near impossible to come back with the same report that I now have," she said.

"Letters with different dates, they didn't even get my mother's name right the second time round.

"They got it wrong the first time round and I made them take note of that and they came back the second time with her name still wrong.

"It's a whitewash."