Northern Ireland

PSNI and gardai in £2m cannabis sting

A cross-border police sting has thwarted an attempt to smuggle a £2m (2.3m euros) haul of cannabis into Ireland.

Four arrests were made as part of the operation. One of them was in Northern Ireland, while a lorry driver from NI was arrested in Greece.

It led to the seizure of 200kg of the drug in Greece.

A number of searches have been carried out in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

It is understood a lorry carrying 100kgs of herbal cannabis was intercepted in Greece, which led investigators to a warehouse in Athens where another 100kgs was discovered.

The driver of the lorry, believed to a man in his 30s and from Northern Ireland, was arrested.

Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter and Stormont Justice Minister David Ford said the recovery was made possible by intelligence-sharing and north-south co-operation.

PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott said the operation was "the result of much hard work by colleagues in a range of partner agencies and provide tangible demonstration of how partnership delivers results, making communities safer and creating a hostile environment for organised criminals, whatever the jurisdiction."

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