Northern Ireland

NI in UK could 'depend on Catholic votes' admits Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson
Image caption Peter Robinson said the Union between NI and GB could depend on nationalist votes

Peter Robinson has acknowledged that he could be Northern Ireland's last unionist first minister.

In an interview with the Times, the DUP leader said the Union could also depend on nationalists voting across traditional party lines.

According to the newspaper, Mr Robinson said that the economic collapse in the Republic of Ireland was unappetising for NI's nationalist voters.

NI needs to move from seeing everything through the prism of religion, he said.

"What is happening in the Irish Republic is not appetising (for nationalists)," he told the Times.

"I think the more stable our structure, the more peaceful Northern Ireland is, the more it works as part of the UK, then the more people will think, 'Why on earth would we change?'"