Northern Ireland

Homes to boil water in Ballymoney

About 1,300 homes in Ballymoney are still required to boil water before use.

The postcode areas where water should still be boiled are: BT44 8SX, BT44 8SY, BT44 8SZ, BT44 8TB, BT44 8TD, BT44 8TE, BT44 8TF, BT44 8TG

BT51 5RY; BT53 7JZ, BT53 7LD, BT53 7LE, BT53 7LF, BT53 7LN, BT53 7NF, BT53 7NG, BT53 7NH, BT53 7NJ, BT53 7NL, BT53 7NN, BT53 7NP, BT53 7NQ, BT53 7NR, BT53 7NS, BT53 7NT, BT53 7NU, BT53 7NW, BT53 7NX, BT53 7NY, BT53 7NZ, BT53 7PA, BT53 7PB, BT53 7PH.