Northern Ireland

Pupils sit AQE entrance exams for grammar schools

The first of this year's unofficial entrance exams for grammar schools took place on Saturday.

The number of pupils sitting the AQE tests has fallen since they began three years ago, but organisers said it was due to a drop in the number of children in P7.

Efforts to agree a single exam to replace the eleven plus have failed.

Catholic grammar schools mostly use GL Assessment tests, while AQE is used by other grammar schools.

This year 6,739 pupils will sit three AQE tests in one of 34 grammar schools across Northern Ireland.

Four pupils have opted to sit the test through Irish, twice as many as last year.

Around 300 pupils have applied for help to do the test, because of a disability.

The vast majority of those will be given help with access to the exam hall or extra time to complete the exam.

The single test for Catholic schools will take place next Saturday.

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