Northern Ireland

Laser shone into PSNI helicopter

Image caption The helicopter was over east Belfast when the incident happened on Friday night

Police have warned of the dangers of laser pens after one was shone into the PSNI helicopter over east Belfast on Friday night.

It happened at about 23:40 BST in Spring Place.

Police have said that a 50-year-old man was spoken to and enquiries are ongoing.

A spokesperson added that the lasers could cause temporary blindness, potentially resulting in a significant loss of life.

"If life is lost as a result of this behaviour, those involved could not only face charges of being in possession of a dangerous weapon but could also end up facing manslaughter charges," the spokesperson added.

Robin Newton DUP MLA has described it as a "totally reckless act that could have caused a major incident".

"It is only by good fortune that this rash act did not result in a serious and appalling outcome," he said.