Northern Ireland

Hospital shop customers 'pushed past' epileptic fit woman

Royal Victoria Hospital
Image caption The incident happened at the Royal Victoria Hospital

The father of an 18-year-old woman who had a seizure in the shop at Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital has said he is shocked by how other customers reacted.

Danielle Burns was with her parents when she suffered an epileptic fit.

Her father was cradling her head while paramedics and a doctor treated her - however customers tried to push past to reach for chocolate and crisps.

Danielle's father David said one man asked a paramedic treating his daughter to pass him a milkshake.

"We were sort of busying around Danielle and talking between ourselves making sure she was OK," Mr Burns said.

"And this gentleman, I just heard him say 'excuse me mate' tapping the paramedic, 'you wouldn't mind handing me that banana milkshake'.

"We all sort of looked at each other and I think, to be honest, the paramedic was shocked at it himself because it was like autopilot, he turned and got him the banana milkshake and handed it to him.

"Then he sort of looked at myself and my wife and shook his head and said that's disgusting."