Northern Ireland

DUP Ian McCrea says 'no evidence' left after arson

Mr McCrea's car was burnt outside his home
Image caption Mr McCrea's car was burnt outside his home

The DUP MLA Ian McCrea has said he does not know who was behind the arson attack on his car.

He found the car in flames outside his home early on Sunday morning.

Mr McCrea caused controversy at the end of June when he said on Twitter that he hoped gaelic football teams in his area lost so there would be no local celebrations.

Speaking on Monday he said: "I can only speculate what the reasoning behind this is."

"At this stage there isn't really any evidence to suggest it has been carried out by a specific person or group.

"The story is that someone came and attacked my property and burnt my car," he said.

"My children are the ones frightened to go to sleep at night in case people come back and attack our property again."

He said the car was only yards from his home and a gas cylinder and there was "nothing but the shell left".

Speaking directly after the attack he said: "I expect to be the target of verbal criticism but targeting my family home is outrageous."


The first and deputy first ministers condemned the arson attack.

The deputy first minister and Sinn Fein MLA for Mid Ulster, Martin McGuinness, said there was no justification for an attack on a family car.

"Those who carried out this attack are attempting to heighten tensions as we reach the height of the marching season and this action must be condemned," he said.

First minister and fellow DUP MLA Peter Robinson "unreservedly" condemned the attack.

"I know those responsible do not speak for their community," he said.

"Regardless of our political views, no one has the right to engage in such criminal and hate-filled behaviour."

Police are treating the fire as suspected arson and have asked anyone who noticed unusual activity in the area to contact them.