Northern Ireland elections: Results service on BBC NI

image captionTechnical rehearsals have already begun ahead of BBC NI's 2011 election coverage

BBC Northern Ireland will begin its election coverage on Friday bringing you the latest live results from all the count centres across NI.

Politicians and pundits will also be giving their reaction on BBC NI news online, radio and television.

A special programme will begin at 1500 BST on Friday on Radio Ulster and will continue until 2200 BST.

BBC NI's television coverage will begin at 1330 BST until 1345 and resume at 1500 BST.

BBC NI News Online will bring you live results as the 108 new members of the Stormont assembly are elected.

Coverage of the Northern Ireland council elections will start on Monday.

BBC Northern Ireland's Head of News Kathleen Carragher said BBC News NI will have comprehensive coverage of the election results on radio, television and online.

"Our experienced and talented journalists will be at every count to bring the audience the colour, the atmosphere and the tension as the ballots are counted," she said.

"Political commentators and politicians will be analysing the results as they come in throughout the evening and we will also be reflecting the public's reaction through Twitter, Facebook and email.

"These elections will decide the shape of the new assembly which will govern NI for the next four years, determine who sits on local councils and indicate the numbers of people in NI who want to change the voting system for Westminster.

"It will be an exciting and interesting news day, and presenters, reporters and producers are all looking forward to making our coverage unmissable for the NI audience."


BBC NI News Online will be streaming results live from count centres across Northern Ireland as they come through.

For the latest online coverage go to our election website at

BBC NI's political correspondents and reporters will also be reporting from the field on the political twists and turns as the results are declared.

Friday 6 May

1200 BST - 2300 BST: BBC NI's news website will follow the results with minute-by-minute updates on its LIVE election page.

Saturday 7 May

0900 BST - 1300 BST - Live results continue as the make up of the next assembly starts to take shape.

Television coverage will also be available on the BBC election live page on both days.

For key stories, pictures and video, go to our Northern Ireland news index or our special election site.

Follow us on Twitter @bbcnivote2011. The account is linked to the BBC's election computer system, so as soon as results emerge, they will be automatically tweeted.


Noel Thompson, Donna Traynor and Jim Fitzpatrick will have all the latest news and results from the 2011 election campaign.

Friday 6 May

1330 BST -1345 BST: BBC One

1500 BST - 1800 BST: BBC One

1900 BST - 2200 BST: BBC Two

22.30 BST - 2300 BST: BBC One

Saturday 7 May

1000 BST - 1300 BST: BBC Two

Sunday 8 May

1230 BST - 1300 BST: Politics Show - BBC One

Monday 9 May

2230 BST - 2315 BST: News and election - BBC One

The programme will also be available online via the BBC News website.


Mark Carruthers and Seamus McKee will present live coverage and analysis of the results as they come in from the count centres across Northern Ireland.

Friday 6 May

1500 BST - 2200 BST: Radio Ulster

Saturday 7 May

0900 BST - 1300 BST: Radio Ulster

Sunday 8 May

1200 BST - 1330 BST - Seven Days election special with Mark Devenport and guests - Radio Ulster

Coverage of the NI council elections will be covered in news programmes on BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Newsline on Monday and Tuesday.

Vote 2011: Thursday 2335 BST - Friday 0600 BST - David Dimbleby will present live television coverage and results from the assembly elections in Scotland and Wales, and the council elections in England.

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