Northern Ireland

Orange parade defies Commission's 'hymn restrictions'

Orange Order Parade
Image caption The parade took place in east Belfast on Sunday afternoon

An Orange Order parade has defied restrictions put in place by the Parades Commission on the hymns to be played during the march.

The Commission had said just one hymn, Abide With Me, should be played on part of the route around Belfast.

However, What a Friend We Have in Jesus and The World in Union were used.

The annual parade, involving Ballymacarrett District LOL No 6, goes from Townsend Street Presbyterian Church to Templemore Avenue and back.

The music restriction applied to the part of the Newtownards Road between the Bridge End flyover and the Susan Street junction.

The order had said it would protest to the NI Secretary of State and the Justice Minister about the restrictions imposed by the Commission.

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