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Missing Irishman Paul Nolan Mirailles' body in canal

image captionPaul Nolan Miralles was last seen heading home after a night out with friends

The family and friends of a missing Irishman have spotted his body in the Amsterdam canal near where he worked.

Paul Nolan Miralles, 36, from Dublin, disappeared in the early hours of last Wednesday morning in Amsterdam, his home for the last 10 years.

His sister, Anne Ravanone, said his friends and colleagues at the Hard Rock Cafe had seen his body surface and police had been contacted.

"They have known for an hour but we are still waiting for a diver," she said.

"The body has gone back into the water."

Ms Ravanone said her mother, brother and brother-in-law had thought they spotted Mr Nolan Miralles' remains on Monday.

The Irishman was last seen returning from a night out with friends in the city centre after his evening's work.

A police diver, sniffer dogs and sonar equipment have been used in the search.

Dutch police believe he may have been attacked or he may have accidentally fallen or ridden his bicycle into a canal.

Members of Mr Miralles' family travelled to Amsterdam to help with the search.

His sister said that she, her brother and her mother had all been asked to provide DNA samples in case a body was not recovered for a long time.

Ms Ravanone said a sonar search appeared to have found something in the canal but it turned out to be a tree stump.

"Because Paul is half Irish and half Spanish, the Spanish consul and the Irish consul have both been supporting us," she said.

"They have now been contacted."

A group of about 40 family members and friends conducted a media publicity "blitz" in the Dutch capital, distributing more than 1,000 posters and leaflets in the hope that someone might come forward to help them.

Mr Nolan worked in the city's popular Hard Rock Café, where he was the best-known waiter, nicknamed "the Lord".

He was last seen at 0400 BST last Wednesday, 13 April, after he said goodnight to friends.

He got his bicycle, which was parked near his workplace, and then set off to cycle the 4km 15-minute journey to his flat. But he did not arrive home.

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