Northern Ireland

PSNI policing commitments: leaflets due in every home

PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott
Image caption Matt Baggott has a reputation for community based policing

The PSNI has published a set of 10 commitments, promising the public a better service.

Almost three quarters of a million leaflets containing details of the pledges will be delivered to homes across NI during the next two weeks.

They include promises to answer 999 calls within 10 seconds.

The police has also said it will update victims of crime within 10 days on what is being done to investigate the crime.

There is also a pledge that neighbourhood policing teams will carry out regular patrols and when contacted will respond to the request within 72 hours.

The teams will also spend at least 80% of their time working in local areas to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

As well as answering emergency calls within ten seconds, the police have said they will come out to those seeking non-emergency help within 60 minutes.

The service has also committed to keeping the public informed "about serious and organised crime that affects your area".

When Matt Baggott was appointed chief constable 19 months ago, he arrived with a reputation for favouring community-based policing.

He has said that the commitments represent his vision for how that can be achieved in Northern Ireland.

"This is a genuine step change in accountability," the former chief constable of Leicestershire Constabulary said.

"It is what people have been asking us to do. They are very real promises.

"It is not propaganda. It is not something that is simply going to sit on a wall."

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