Northern Ireland

Gardai investigate Corrib protest sex threats claim

Irish police are investigating claims that sexual threats were made to two women arrested in a protest in County Mayo in the Republic of Ireland.

The women were taking part in a protest against plans by the energy company, Shell, to build a pipeline from an offshore gas field.

One woman had climbed on to a tractor, the other filmed her.

Both women were arrested and their video camera was placed in a second, separate patrol car.

It is understood the police did not realise that it was still recording and when it was handed back to the two women, it was found to contain a conversation in which officers in the other car appeared to make sexual threats.

The clip states: "Give me your name and address or I'll rape you... (laughter)... Or I'll definitely rape you."

A senior garda officer from outside Mayo has been appointed to investigate the allegations.

The women at the centre of the investigation were released without charge.