County Antrim town raises £7,000 for Japan

image captionYordigo and Arthur Marshall are 'overwhelmed' by the support

A County Antrim community has raised more than £7,000 to help the survivors of the Japanese tsunami.

Dozens of people attended a special coffee morning in Whitehead to show support for Japanese members of the community whose families have been affected by the disaster.

Yordigo Marshall, whose husband Arthur is from Northern Ireland, said she was touched by the large turn out.

"I feel warm hearted and we really appreciate it," she added.

Yordigo said her family are currently living in a shelter and are without proper food and medicine.

"I think I am lucky. I can connect with my brother's mobile sometimes so I can get information from there.

"He said they're in a shelter and don't have enough food. They had a slice of bread for a meal. They need nappies and milk for the baby.

"I can't believe the situation."

Arthur, who lived in Japan for 12 years, said he finds it hard to watch footage of the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

"We couldn't recognise coastal areas of the city. There was just total devastation.

"The support here today is unbelievable. It is overwhelming."