Northern Ireland

NI pupils await delivery of 14,000 transfer results

Marking exam
Image caption About 14,000 results are being sent to Royal Mail for delivery on Saturday.

About 7,000 children in Northern Ireland are awaiting transfer test results due to be posted out on Friday.

The AQE and GL assessment tests were brought in by secondary schools after the 11+ transfer test was withdrawn by the Department of Education.

The AQE test is used mainly by state-sector grammar schools while the GL assessments are used mostly by Catholic-maintained grammar schools.

About 14,000 results are being sent to Royal Mail for delivery on Saturday.

The tests are marked in different ways and the results are also presented in two different formats.

In the AQE exam, the score will be the best two out of three.


While grades will not be given, pupils will know how they ranked in relation to other children.

The letters detailing the GL results will contain a raw score and a guide explaining what the grade equates to.

Both exam organisers say they are pleased with the way the tests and the marking has gone.

It is possible to have papers remarked but few changes were made after appeals last year.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Caitriona Ruane has said that guidance has been prepared for schools which shows how children can transfer to secondary school without the use of tests.

"Schools should not be telling children they are not good enough.

"The silence of those continuing to pick and choose the children they want to teach is a clear indication of the embarrassment they must surely feel about indulging in this archaic practice," she said.

"I welcome the indications that some grammar schools are prepared to move away from the use of these divisive tests and would urge others to follow suit."