Northern Ireland

Ex-Derry mayor and Bloody Sunday doctor McClean dies

Mark Durkan
Image caption Mark Durkan paid tribute to Dr McClean

A former Mayor of Londonderry, who treated the dead and wounded on Bloody Sunday, has died.

Dr Raymond McClean, who was 78, was a Derry GP and civil rights activist.

In the 1990s he wote a book about his life and the events leading up to and on Bloody Sunday called The Road to Bloody Sunday.

Foyle MP Mark Durkan said the doctor was "concerned for the health of the community and of the city he loved and served".

"The compassion and motivation that made him a doctor extended to a concern for people's social and economic well being not just their physical health," he said.

"As a civil rights activist and as one of the first councillors elected in a Derry free of gerrymandering he was a champion for change and justice.

"Again both as a doctor and an activist he played a valiant role on Bloody Sunday - attending so many of the wounded and dying and serving as a tireless witness for their innocence."