Northern Ireland

Strabane pipe bomb attack 'could have killed sons'

A Strabane man has said his two young sons could have been killed when they found a pipe bomb on the windscreen of his car.

The attack, at Springhill Park, happened on Monday, but has only been made public now.

A neighbour carried the device away as primary school pupils walked by.

Lee Conroy said he dreads to think what could have happened and could not understand why he had been targeted.

"I'm just livid, raging mad to be honest that somebody's actually doing this for no reason whatsoever," he said.

"I'm not anti-social, I'm not involved in drugs in any way. I like to think I'm a good member of the community - I get on well with all my neighbours.

"What are they trying to prove with all this nonsense?"

The police made safe the device and it was taken away for further examination. They have appealed for anyone who saw suspicious activity in the area on Monday night to contact them.