Northern Ireland

NI students to lobby Vince Cable over tuition fees

Image caption Students have been staging a series of protest ahead of Thursday's Commons vote

Students from Northern Ireland are travelling to Westminster to lobby the Business Secretary Vince Cable over his party's u-turn on tuition fees.

The meeting comes ahead of Thursday's Commons vote on the plans.

The National Union of Students spokesman, Ciaran Helferty, said the cost of the fees could have an impact on the NI Executive.

He said that the NI delegation would be raising their concerns with Mr Cable.

"In Northern Ireland the implications could cost us and the taxpayer and the government maybe £30m potentially," he said.

"We have to consider that nearly a third of NI students study outside of NI and we have to foot the bill for them to study there and meet other support costs.

He added: "We will be asking Vince Cable what he has put in place to make sure the NI government does not bear the brunt of those decisions."