Northern Ireland

Teenager jailed for order breach

A 19-year-old has been jailed for breaching a community service order imposed after he was involved in anti-social behaviour in Londonderry.

Reamon McCormick, from Balbane Pass in the city, was sentenced to 80 hours community service for disorderly behaviour on 24th April.

Deputy District Judge Greg McCourt said McCormick was one of up to 80 youths taking part in disturbances in the Rosemount area.

He was jailed for three months.

Londonderry Magistrates court was told that McCormick had only completed 22 and a half hours of the 80 hours specified in the order.

Defence solicitor Paddy MacDermott asked for a suspended sentence which would be left hanging over his client's head, but the judge said that if McCormick was not prepared to do community service then the alternative was custody.

He said that locals had been having a lot of trouble with young people in the area, but the defendant had not made any effort and was "thumbing his nose at probation".