Northern Ireland

Grief as fisherman's body found

The family of a Donegal fisherman whose body was washed up on a beach off Malin Head on Wednesday have spoken of their grief.

Robert McLaughlin and his uncle Edward Doherty died when their boat sank near Glengad a month ago.

Mr Doherty's body was recovered, but rescuers were unable to find Mr McLaughlin.

"It was back to as if he died this morning, because when there's no body there's hope," said his sister Eilish.

"You think that maybe a foreign ship picked him up, maybe he's on a rock, maybe he'll come home living.

"His uncle also died in the tragedy, but Eddie's body was got, whereas Robbie was only got this morning."

Eilish said her mother Mary watched the rescue efforts from the window of her home.

"We watched every boat going up and down, and the helicopter coming every day, and the lifeboat out looking for him.

"We can't thank the rescue services and the lifeboat and the neighbours enough, and especially the women of Glengad who kept the community centre open for the rescue teams all this time.

"In the evenings you lost hope, and then again in the morning you would be hopeful again because you would think this might be the day.

"We'll just have to learn to deal with the grief in our own way."