PSNI investigate Coalisland explosion

Image caption,
Damage caused to one of the properties in Coalisland

The PSNI are investigating an explosion in Coalisland.

The windows of two houses on Castlehill Terrace were shattered by a blast at about 0340 GMT on Monday.

Two cars were also damaged. Initial inquiries suggest that the explosion was caused by a pipe bomb.

The owner of one of the houses damaged, said he had no idea why he was targeted.

"I was just sitting in my living room having a drink, just before I went back to bed and the next thing is, there was this unmerciful bang," he said.

"I was shook up. You don't expect things like that to be happening early in the morning.

"I couldn't see any reason why anybody would want to be throwing a pipe bomb at my house, to be quite honest with you."