Shots fired at house in Antrim

image captionThe scene of the shooting in Antrim

Three people have escaped injury following a shooting at a house in Antrim.

Two shots were fired through the kitchen window of the property at Portlee Walk in the Parkhall estate shortly after 2300 GMT on Friday night.

A man in his 40s and a couple in their 20s were in the living room of the house at the time, but were not injured.

Police said they were trying to establish a motive for the attack.

South Antrim MLA David Ford expressed his shock at the shooting and said the local community would be "horrified".

"Those involved in this attack have an agenda of fear and we need people with information to come forward and help police catch these evil elements," he said.

"My thoughts are with those who were in the house at the time of this attack as they try to get over this ordeal."

UUP councillor Drew Ritchie said Portlee Walk was a "quiet area" in a "highly populated" estate.

"People will be very saddened that this type of thing has happened," he added.

"To fire shots into somebody's house is totally irresponsible.

"Somebody could have been seriously injured, somebody could have been killed and I would absolutely condemn it."