'One in five' have tinnitus in NI, says charity

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Tinnitus is ringing or buzzing in the head or ears

It is estimated up to 20% of people in Northern Ireland suffer from tinnitus - ringing or buzzing in the head or ears.

A recent survey revealed almost 9,000 people found the condition made their life unbearable and had a significant impact on their mental health.

RNID, the charity which represents deaf people, said it is a hidden, distressing condition.

While there is no cure, they want sufferers to have access to more professional help and support.

The charity's Claire Lavery said: "There's a range of therapies that can provide help for people - psychological approaches to tinnitus, cognative behavioural therapy for example.

"People can learn relaxation techniques, they can learn a lot from information about what it is causes tinnitus and how the ear works for example and they can buy products that can mask the sound."

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