Making the cut - Rory McIlroy goes blond

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Rory McIlroy unveils blond highlights

NI golfer Rory McIlroy and his distinctive dark curly mop have become a familiar sight on the international golf scene.

In fact the McIlroy wig has become de rigueur for many a fancy dress party in his home country and beyond.

But the golf star has just been pictured sporting blond highlights. The new look was unveiled in Hong Kong where he is taking part in the UBS Open.

He has previously pledged not to cut the long locks for fear of jinxing his performance. But that pledge didn't extend to tinkering with the colour.

NI celebrity hair dresser Paul Stafford says it's not a good look.

"It's an absolute travesty of a hair style, it's a bad colour on the wrong type of hair," he said.

"It's a very good indication to him, though, that if he keeps his hair that's how he's going to look when he's 45."

He added that the fact the golfer usually sports a cap and is often playing in humid conditions also has an effect.

"The reality of it is he should really get his hair cut, it would look better and it would suit him to have a definite hair cut."

Asked what he would recommend, Mr Stafford had a few suggestions.

"I really like the idea of that new preppy boy look - short, back and sides with the curl through the top and obviously fix that colour."

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