Accused man 'threatened to slash partner's throat'

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The application was heard in the High Court

A man allegedly threatened to slash his ex-partner's throat unless she dropped claims that he tried to strangle her, the High Court in Belfast has heard.

Daniel Millar sent text messages and made phone calls after he was arrested and questioned, it was alleged.

Mr Millar, 39, of Annadale Crescent, Belfast, denies threatening to kill and intimidate a witness on 5 November.

He was given bail and ordered not to contact the woman, abide by an alcohol ban and report to police twice weekly.

A Crown lawyer said Mr Millar's former girlfriend had gone to police two days earlier to claim he assaulted her.

He was interviewed and released pending a report into that incident, with no charges having been brought over it, the court was told.

'Kill you'

But it was claimed during his application for bail that the woman then received menacing calls and messages.

During one phone conversation Mr Millar allegedly told her: "If you don't drop these charges I will kill you. I will slash your throat."

A judge was told how he later allegedly called to say: "I know where you work. I know where you hang out."

According to the prosecution, a text message was also sent warning her: "You will be sorry."

A defence lawyer said that it was Millar who first asked his ex-partner to leave his home over suspected drug use.

The accused claimed to have been defending himself when she "came at him" during the first incident, the court heard.

"It seems convenient that the serious threats about allegedly killing the lady are all threats made apparently verbally on the phone. There's clearly no record," the lawyer said.