Derry priest in Mass attack on gunmen


A priest in Londonderry has used Mass to attack the republican gunmen believed to be responsible for shooting one of his parishioners.

Fr Dermott Harkin made his remarks at St Brigid's Church on Sunday.

The victim, a convicted sex offender, was beaten and then shot in the legs in the Carnhill area.

Fr Harkin said the attack was "not to be tolerated, it's not right and it doesn't reflect the feelings of the vast majority of people in this area".

He added: "I said that no-one has the right to take the law into their own hands, that all violence is wrong that all forms of abuse and cruelty meted out to any human being is against God's law and an insult to a good and decent community of people."

The priest said he got a very positive reaction from his parishioners.

"People were outraged by what had happened to this gentleman and don't want in any way to be associated with the cruelty of it and anything to do with it," he said.

"People have moved on from this kind of vigilante type activity, people want peace.

"Once we give up the proper procedures of law, we're back in the jungle"