Londonderry aid convoy stranded in Libya

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Betty Doherty and Eddie McBride from Derry are among those stranded in Libya

Four people from Londonderry who were part of a convoy bringing aid to Gaza have been stranded in Libya.

They are part of a group of 70 people who were left on the dock after the captain of the Greek ship they were about to board refused to let them on.

The convoy had previously been refused entry to Egypt.

Betty Doherty from Derry said the group's passports have been taken, and they are now unable to leave the port.

"Our passports have been stamped that we've exited Libya, so we're stuck in a port with no passports and no boat, and we don't know what's going to happen to us.

"The Libyans have been really nice to us, and very helpful, but they won't let us outside the perimeter of the port.

"We're not even allowed to go to a shop.

"We're sleeping in a van or on the ground, and we're relying on the generosity of locals who have brought us bread and water.

"It's been a frightening experience," said Ms Doherty.

Eamonn McCann from the Derry Anti-War Coalition said he was confident the group would be rescued.

"I've spoken to them and they are in good heart and in good spirits.

"We are obviously very concerned about the situation, and we are doing everything we can to resolve this as soon as possible."

Some of the group were allowed to board the boat and are now approaching Athens.

A spokesperson from the Department of Foreign Affairs said they have offered consular assistance to stranded individuals.

"We have made contact with the Libyan and Greek authorities and have expressed our concerns for their safety and wellbeing," he said.