Killer Mark Wallace sentenced over bottle attack

Image caption, Wallace is already in jail over the murder of Katie Hughes

A killer already serving life for murdering his girlfriend at a party has been given another jail sentence for smashing a bottle over a man's head.

Mark Wallace, 26, was jailed earlier this year for stabbing mother-of-one Katie Hughes on Easter Monday of 2009.

He was told by a judge that he would not be released for at least 14 years and only when he is no longer considered a danger to the public.

The new two-year sentence will not affect when he is eventually freed.

Judge Geoffrey Miller told Downpatrick Crown Court the sentence he imposed would automatically be "subsumed" within Wallace's murder sentence.

The court had heard that six days before the brutal murder of Ms Hughes, a drunken Wallace had been at a birthday party in Newtownards when he turned on another guest.

The victim, who needed four staples to a wound to the side of his head, only reported the matter on hearing news of Wallace's knife attack on his girlfriend.

Wallace, who admitted malicious wounding, had initially pushed the man as he was leaving the party, before accusing him of stealing keys from the house.

He then followed the victim out of the house and attacked him.

On the night of Ms Hughes' murder, Wallace went into the kitchen of the house in Park Avenue in Bangor where the party was being held and returned to a sofa to sit beside Ms Hughes and stabbed her a number of times with a knife he had taken from a drawer.

At first, stunned guests thought the couple were "messing around" but when one of them confronted Wallace he swung the knife at him too.

Wallace had told friends he was thinking of stabbing Ms Hughes weeks in advance of her death in April 2009.

He became jealous after hearing the 21-year-old talking to a friend about a previous relationship.

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