Pensioner critically ill after robbery in west Belfast


A 75-year-old man is in a critical condition in hospital after trying to stop a robbery in west Belfast.

It happened at a shop in Cavendish Street shortly after 1430 GMT on Monday.

The pensioner, Sammy Crawford, received medical treatment at the scene before being transferred to hospital. A man was arrested nearby.

A woman who witnessed the incident said Mr Crawford collapsed after hitting the robber with his walking stick.

Sinead Seeton said she ran to the shop because her daughter was trapped inside.

"I went over and started fighting with the fella and that's when the old man came up and he was hitting him with his walking stick," she said.

"Then I took the stick off him and started hitting him (the robber).

"The old man had collapsed and everybody was working with him.

"I think he's only out of hospital, they were saying he's got a bad heart."

Local people described Mr Crawford as a gentleman who has lived in the same street for most of his life