Northern Ireland

Londonderry man allegedly 'stood on his partner's neck'

A Londonderry man counted down on his fingers while he stood on his partner's neck, it was claimed in the High Court.

The alleged victim said she had to pretend to go limp before he eased off, a judge was told on Thursday.

Michael McGonagle, 35, of Moore Street in the city, is charged with theft and aggravated assault over the incident in August.

The judge granted bail and ordered McGonagle not to consume alcohol or go within 100m of the woman's address.

Fiona O'Kane, prosecuting, said the woman claimed to have been assaulted first at a bar in the city, then outside, and finally at her home in Sperrin Park.

Mr Justice McLaughlin was told that Mr McGonagle, allegedly got her to the floor, put his boot on her neck and pressed down.

Police said they were told he then proceeded to count down on his fingers.

He is also accused of stealing the woman's mobile phone and a bank card.

During police questioning he claimed to have been drinking all day and could remember nothing from leaving the bar until he woke up in custody.

He claimed to have been carrying his partner's phone and card because she did not have a bag.

The judge declined to hear anything from the defence before making his bail ruling.