Northern Ireland

Strabane out-of-hours GP car to be relocated to Londonderry

Councillors in Strabane have criticised plans by the Western Health and Social Care Board to relocate an out-of-hours GP car to Londonderry.

Patients needing the service will now have to wait for the car to come from Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry.

The Western Health and Social Care Board said the decision is due to a lack of demand.

Strabane Ulster Unionist Councillor Derek Hussey said he was one of those who are unhappy with the decision.

Mr Hussey said he was only informed of the situation when contacted by a constituent and nothing had been confirmed to him by the Western Board.

In a statement the board said: "A review highlighted the low-level of demand in the Strabane area particularly in the 0000 BST to 0830 BST period. The decision to relocate the car from Strabane to Altnagelvin will allow for more efficient use of resources. All home visits will continue to take place."

Mr Hussey said councillors wanted clarification on the move and wanted to meet with the "decision makers" to argue the case for keeping the vehicle in Strabane.

Mr Hussey has asked the council to formally write to the board seeking answers.