Northern Ireland

Punter smashed televisions after missing winning bet

A man who left a bookmakers with a repair bill of almost £2,000 after he took a hammer to five tvs has been sentenced to three months in prison at Londonderry Magistrates' Court.

The court heard that Robert Bradley, 41, from Dunluce Court, in the city, smashed five televisions at Ladbrokes in New Market Street.

It happened after a horse he had attempted to back won its race.

He was released on bail pending an appeal.

District judge Barney McElholm was told that Bradley was drunk when he walked into the betting office on Newmarket Street and tried to back a horse.

However, the race had already started and when the horse won, Bradley used a hammer to smash the five television screens.

A solicitor for the defence said the fact that the horse won the race "ate away" at Bradley to such a degree that he took his annoyance out on the screens.

Jailing Bradley for three months the district judge described the actions as "outrageous".