Northern Ireland

Men shaken by Antrim gun robbery ordeal

Two men are recovering after an armed gang threatened them and tied them up with cable ties in an attempted armed robbery in Antrim.

A 19-year-old answered the door of a house at Moneynick Road on Sunday.

He was threatened by a man with a hand gun who tied him up. Two more men, both masked and armed, broke into the house.

A second man, 29, returned home later that night to find the gunmen inside. He was tied up and the gang demanded money and keys. They left empty-handed.

The two men were not injured but were shaken by their ordeal.

In a separate robbery in Newry, a gun was held to the head of a member of staff in a fast food restaurant on Sunday night.

Three men entered the shop in Bridge Street at about 2300 BST.

They threatened staff and made off with cash and phones.