Northern Ireland

Londonderry traders blame bypass for '80%' trade drop

Businesses in Londonderry claim they are losing up to 80 % of their trade due to a new road.

The new dual carriageway in Campsie was built to shorten journey times and improve road safety.

However traders are complaining that a lack of signage in the area is contributing to a massive drop in footfall.

The Roads Service has agreed to add additional signage to Campsie Industrial Estate.

DUP councillor Gregory Campbell has spoken to people in the area and he said that livelihoods were suffering.

Speaking to BBC Radio Foyle he said: "There are quite a number of businesses there, car show rooms and others that employ several hundred people. They are finding that a lot of the traffic that would usually be coming to them is now bypassing them."

Mr Campbell said that improving the signage in the area was critical.

"Virtually everyone I've spoken to is tremendously pleased with the section of road that is open. It's an excellent facility, but it's an unacceptable byproduct that whenever you finish a new road, then business is lost as a result of it," he said.