Northern Ireland

Trust to explain abuse brothers' return to Donagh

Representatives from the Western Trust are to meet residents from a County Fermanagh village on Tuesday night.

They are to explain the process that led to two child-abusing brothers being sent home to Donagh.

James and Owen-Roe McDermott abused children in the village over a 30-year period, but a judge ruled they were mentally unfit to stand trial.

There was outrage in Donagh when they returned.

The pair have since admitted themselves to a hospital for treatment.

Between them, four McDermott brothers, from Moorlough Road in Donagh, faced 60 charges of abuse.

John McDermott was jailed for nine years in June for his role in the abuse, which was described as frequent, regular and persistent.

Peter Paul McDermott took his own life during his trial on abuse charges involving two young boys.

Micheal Mohan, who leads the Donagh Community Forum said: "We're hoping there will be some clarity around what has happened after the meeting that was held last week at the Justice Committee at Stormont and the differerent revelations and press reports around that.

"What we really want to find out is, was this an error that occurred in a complicated court case or was it a conscious decision?"

Mr Mohan said the meeting was about "finding solutions" and not about placing the "particular blame on anybody".

"We need to remember there are two brothers but in two years time there's a third brother who will be released." he added.

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