Northern Ireland

Londonderry fundraising event to support bomb victim

People in Londonderry are to hold a fundraising event in aid of a Tunisian man who lost his fast food business in a dissident republican car bomb attack

Lofti Jalloul's kebab shop was destroyed in the explosion at Strand Road police station last month.

Up to 130 people are expected to attend the event which has been organised by Seeds, a multicultural support group.

Eddie Kerr from Seeds said the attack had made Mr Jalloul consider leaving the city where he had lived for years.

He added the kebab shop owner was "a very proud man" and only agreed to the fundraiser on the condition that he was allowed to cook traditional Tunisian food for those attending.

"He is not part of a local network that people would have here.

"He would have difficulty getting the kind of support that other people would get," he said.

Mr Kerr said the event was a "social, cultural statement" but had nothing to do with politics or the bombing.

In the aftermath of the attack on 3 August, Mr Jalloul described the scene as "panic" and told the media he could not believe he was still alive.

The police revealed that one officer risked his own life by walking past the bomb twice in order to bring staff at the kebab shop to safety.

The premises was in a row of shops which bore the brunt of the 200lb car bomb explosion.

A group calling itself Oglaigh na hEireann said it was behind the attack.

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