Northern Ireland

Police probe Hillsborough distraction burglary

Police are investigating a distraction burglary at a house in Hillsborough occupied by two women in their 80s.

A man claiming to be from an organisation called Northern Housing Fund called to the property at Grove Road at about 1400 BST on Tuesday.

He asked one of the women about her door locks.

She brought him to inspect the doors at which point the other woman discovered another man searching a bedroom.

The man covered his face and ran off.

When the alarm was raised, the first man also ran away.

The initial bogus caller is described as being of slight build, around 5ft 6in tall, with mousey brown hair and a thin beard.

He was wearing grey trousers, a navy jersey and shiny black shoes. He is believed to have spoken with a northern English accent.

The second man is described as of average build, over 6ft tall, wearing navy jeans, a navy top and a navy baseball cap.

Meanwhile, police in Lisburn have arrested two men in connection with a burglary in the Ballinderry area on Wednesday.

The men, aged 25 and 18, were detained following the break-in on the Moira Road.