Northern Ireland

Man wanted over major crime spree, Sean Tate, in court

A Belfast man wanted in connection with attempted murder, vehicle hijackings and more than a dozen armed robberies has been remanded in custody.

Sean Tate, with addresses at Monagh Crescent and Westrock Grove, both Belfast, denies attempting to kill a man with a screwdriver in April.

Earlier this year, police appealed to the public in a bid to find him.

The 33-year-old faces a total of 70 charges, including false imprisonment and having firearms.

A detective constable said she could connect the accused with all of the alleged offences.

Defence solicitor Stephen Toal told the court the attempted murder charge was being denied.

Questioning the police officer, he said: "The allegation is another man stabbed the injured party and Mr Tate simply shouted encouragement."

She replied that the situation was unclear and that an identification process was to be set up.

The detective also confirmed that Tate had been circulated as wanted on television and radio a number of months ago.

The court heard that along with the attempted murder, he is charged with three aggravated burglaries, 16 armed robberies, three hijackings and two aggravated vehicle takings.

He is further accused of three counts each of false imprisonment and possessing firearms, and 38 other counts including a number of alleged assaults.

There was no application for bail and the accused was remanded in custody to appear again in court next month.